Dirkjan van Groningen

Dirkjan van Groningen was born in Kampen, The Netherlands in 1971. He was exposed to percussion when he was about 8 years old and started lessons with percussion instructor Gerrit Olsman, at the local band A.M.D.G. During high school he played in several well know Dutch show bands, drum corps percussion ensembles and orchestras.

In 1993 he joined Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps from Canada to compete in the American Drum & Bugle Corps competition. In the same year he started studying at the conservatory in Zwolle where he studied percussion with Peter Prommel, Jan Wissink and Peter Berk. In 1998 he earned his degree in Classical Percussion. One year later he also graduated in Jazz and Pop Music.

Dirkjan is teaching percussion at the Muzisch Centrum in Emmeloord. As a drummer he is active is several (occasional) bands. Dirkjan is the founder and president of Show & Marching Music. In this function he is writing music for, and providing workshops at, a lot of different European (marching) bands and (indoor) percussion ensembles. Dirkjan is the author of the populair Snare Drum Basics method books and is sponsored by Roland Central Europe, Pro Mark Drumsticks and Majestic Percussion Instruments.

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