Aboriginal Dreams

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Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion Ensemble


by Roland Barrett 

13 Players

Instrumentation: Bells & Vibraslap, Xylophone & Singing Bowls, Vibraphone, Marimba 1 (4-octave) & Wind Chimes, Marimba 2 (5-octave), Chimes & Woodblock, Timpani (5), Percussion 1 (Wind Chimes, Snare Drum, Bongos or Congas, Suspended Cymbal, Woodblock), Percussion 2 (Log Drum, Temple Blocks, Suspended Cymbal, Bass Drum, Rainstick), Percussion 3 (5 Toms, Anvil or Brake Drum, Gong, Claves, Rainstick), Percussion 4 (Tambourine, Cowbell, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Large Drum Head, Rainstick, Bongos or Congas, Woodblock, Anvil or Brake Drum), Percussion 5 (2 Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals, Woodblock, Wind Chimes, Triangle, Anvil or Brake Drum, Rainstick, Gong), Percussion 6 (Sizzle Cymbal, 2 Suspended Cymbals, Tambourine, Anvil or Brake Drum, Water Gong, Temple Blocks).

Set in 5 movements – Ritual, Rain, Sacred Earth, Pintubi Dance and Fire – Aboriginal Dreams is intended to offer brief glimpses of the Aboriginal culture. Beautifully scored and full of color, grace and unstoppable energy.

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Aboriginal Dreams

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