Boom Bap

Artikelnr: TSPCE17-025

Advanced Percussion Sextet


by Nick Werth

6 players

Instrumentation: Drums (2 sets of bongos, 4 snare drums, 4 toms, 2 kick drums, concert bass drum), Cymbals (2 splash cymbals, 2 hi-hats, 2 cymbal stacks, 2 suspended cymbals), Accessories (2 tambourines (mounted), 2 crashers, 5 temple blocks, 3 woodblocks)

Nick Werth’s Boom Bap is an advanced ensemble piece for percussion sextet. The term “boom bap” refers to an onomatopoeia for the prominent percussive sounds in hip-hop: kick and snare. In this piece, Nick employs some challenging polyrhythms and dotted-tuplet rhythms in order to imitate the varied rhythmic styles and speaking patterns of hip-hop artists. He also uses a wide palette of percussion sounds throughout the piece, where many of the instruments are shared among the performers via a uniquely intertwined setup.

This piece was commissioned by James LaBrecque and the Highland Park High School Percussion Ensemble.

Boom Bap comes with a full, bound score and includes a CD-ROM containing an audio recording and all individual parts available for printing

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