Crossing The Threshold

Artikelnr: TSPCE22-022

Medium-Advanced Percussion Ensemble and Piano


by Chad Heiny

12 players



Crotales (4 notes removed and played like finger cymbals, need both octaves)


3 vibraphones

3 marimbas — (2) low A, (1) 5-octave)


Drums — bongos, doumbek, field drum, kick drum (mounted), piccolo snare drum, tamborim

Cymbals & gongs — small crash cymbal, 2 sizzle cymbals, tam-tam

Accessories — bell tree, caxixi (2), claves, mark tree (echo tree if possible), sleigh bells, small tambourine, sonic energy bell, 2 triangles

Crossing the Threshold is an intricate work by Chad Heiny for 11 percussionists and piano. It symbolizes the popular narrative concept of “The Hero’s Journey” in which a hero departs on an adventure, triumphs through crisis, and ultimately returns enlightened and transformed by the experience. While not entirely programmatic, its arc also suggests the ongoing journey of a talisman – an object passed along from person to person, and generation to generation.

A richly orchestrated piece for intermediate-advanced ensembles, performers must frequently maintain independent lines that serve to weave a broader musical tapestry. Special techniques like bowed vibraphones, crotales performed like finger cymbals in a variety of ways, and numerous energetic, drummy interjections ultimately create a wide spectrum of colors representative of contemporary percussion composition.

Crossing the Threshold ships as a printed, professionally bound score, and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or tablet viewing.

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Crossing The Threshold

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