Faith and Fortitude

Artikelnr: TSPCE22-027

Medium-Advanced Concert Percussion


by Julie Davila

11 players




2 vibraphones

4 marimbas — (2) low A, (1) low F, (1) 5-octave

5 Timpani

Drums — concert bass drum, 8 concert toms, djembe, 1 impact drum, low/floor tom, snare drum

Cymbals & gongs — China cymbal, hi-hat, 2 splash cymbals, 6 suspended cymbals, tam-tam

Accessories — 5 bell plates, brake drum, 2 metal bowls, triangle, woodblock, vibraslap, 2 Vibra-Tones

Julie Davila's Faith and Fortitude is a medium-advanced percussion ensemble piece that explores a range of emotions motivated by adversity and the resilience one can draw from such an experience. Davila completed the work after experiencing the trials and tribulations of her daughter's critical health experience, which reaffirmed her views on strength, perseverance, and faith. The piece draws specific inspiration from the word "faith" and its five-letter structure. This pentagonal structure prompts various five-note themes, quintuplet rhythmic figures, and other musical treatments based upon the number five. Its wide range of emotions will give performers opportunities to craft their musicianship and provide audiences with a relatable theme.

Faith and Fortitude is written for eleven performers across traditional and nontraditional found percussion instruments. It features four marimba parts (two low-A, one low-F and one 5-octave), two vibraphones, a glockenspiel, chimes, timpani, and two auxiliary percussion parts.

Faith and Fortitude ships as a printed, professionally bound score and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or tablet viewing.

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Faith and Fortitude

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