Five Petite Movements

Artikelnr: TSPCE15-009

Easy Percussion Ensemble


by Chris Roode

4+ players

Instrumentation: Vibraphone, Drums (high drum, middle drum, mid-low drum, low drum, snare drum tenor drum, bass drum), 1 pair of crash cymbals , Accessories (triangle, brake drum, metal pipe, 4 tambourines), 4 assorted percussion instruments (organized high to low)

Written for beginning percussion ensemble with approximately one month of experience, Five Petite Movements is a great way to showcase new percussionists in performance. You have the option of choosing only a selection of movements (1–2 minutes each) or the entire suite (8 minutes). Additionally, different performers may be assigned to the movements to create a mini percussion ensemble concert.

Scored for four or more players, parts may be doubled, tripled, or otherwise multiplied to accommodate the group’s size.

I. Four Fun for Drum (1:10) Instrumentation: 1 high drum, 1 middle drum, 1 mid-low drum, 1 low drum

II. Light Steel Heavy Metal (1:25) Instrumentation: triangle, brake drum, metal pipe, vibraphone

III. Tambourine Duel (1:20) Instrumentation: 4 tambourines

IV. Echo...(echo) (1:20) Instrumentation: 4 different percussion instruments (high to low)

V. Battery Blitz (1:55) Instrumentation: snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum, crash cymbals (pair)

Five Petite Movements is provided as a professionally bound folio and includes a CD-ROM containing individual parts and audio recordings.

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Five Petite Movements

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