Four Dances for Percussion Ensemble

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by Rick Dior

8+ players

Instrumentation: Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Marimba—4-octave, 4 timpani, Drums (4 concert toms*, concert bass drum, snare drum, field or tenor drum, bongos, congas,, Cymbals & gongs (crash cymbal, 2 suspended cymbals with bass bow, tam tam, temple gong, wind gong, 3 small Chinese opera gongs), Accesories (2 sets of finger cymbals, 2 small tambourines, orchestral headed tambourine, 2 caxixi, shaker, wooden winchimes, LPTM Vibratone, high and low pitched claves)


Four Dances for Percussion Ensemble is a crowd pleasing, groove-based work for intermediate percussion ensemble consisting of four contrasting movements held together by reappearing rhythmic and melodic motifs. These elements are derived from several different musical cultures and are performed on standard orchestral percussion as well as South American, Asian, and African percussion instruments.

Four Dances for Percussion Ensemble is provided as a full, bound folio and a CD-ROM containing printable parts and a recording.

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Four Dances for Percussion Ensemble

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