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Medium Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble


by Amanda Scymore

8-10 Players

Vibraphone [+ optional Suspended Cymbal]
Marimba [4.3-octave]
Timpani [3 drums]
Percussion 1: Claves, High Tom
Percussion 2: Snare Drum, Suspended Cymbal
Percussion 3: Concert Bass Drum
Percussion 4 [optional]: Suspended Cymbal, Bongos
Percussion 5 [optional]: Triangle, Low Tom

The Jivaro are the indigenous people of northern Peru and Ecuador, living in the tropical rain forests where the Andes mountain range meets the Amazon headwaters. Despite an historical warlike reputation, their modern culture provides a rich mythology belonging to a spiritual and mystical world. Daily life revolves around family, hunting, and agriculture.

This piece begins with the listener exploring the rain forest, listening for the sounds of rain amid the variety of calls from animals and insects. The ensemble transitions to the hunt, where the huntsmen stalk their pray with blow guns and poisoned darts. Back in the village, families harvest and prepare food as the fugue statement in the mallets recall children playing. Finally, the warrior’s theme is introduced in the battery to escalate the music and propel the listener to the jungle again.

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