Science Fiction

Artikelnr: TSPCE14-002

Medium Advanced for percussion ensemble and electronics with video montage


by Rick Dior

12 players

Instrumentation: Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Chimes, 2 vibraphones, 2 marimbas—(1) 4-octave, (1) low C, 4 timpani, Drumset, Drums (bongos, mounted set of congas, unmounted set of congas, one low conga, doumbek, darabuka, 2 bass drums, surdo), Cymbals & gongs (3 opera gongs on table, small/medium/large gongs, 4 pitched gongs, 4 suspended cymbals, 16" suspended cymbal, 20" suspended cymbal, 2 China cymbals, one cymbal for rolling on timpani), Accessories (2 caxixi, song bells*, field drum, high ratchet, low ratchet, LP vibratone, vibraslap, flexatone, cowbell, 4 high dry metallics, 4 low dry metallics, 2 bell trees, pod rattle, 2 metal pipes, wooden clacker, 2 water phones, ribbon crasher, temple blocks, one shot shakers, guiro, brake drum, slapstick, 5 different pitched cowbells), Theremin (or theremin mobile app), Synthesizer , Drum machine, Sample player (for triggering FX audio)


"It's alive…IT'S ALIVE!!"

Bring a helmet and strap in, because the monster that Rick Dior has created with Science Fiction is nothing short of spectacular. Scored for twelve percussionists, electronics, and video montage, this piece is an experience…pure and simple.

Divided into sections that run the gamut of sci-fi subgenres (nuclear holocaust, monsters, robots and aliens, man-made creations, out-of-control dinosaurs, space travel, and of course, alien invasion) the piece requires a full arsenal of acoustic percussion and electronic gear. Don't worry if your percussion section doesn't have everything on the list…more than a few substitution choices are provided.

First and foremost, it features a theremin—an iconic electronic instrument of which many different films in the sci-fi genre during the 20th century have made use. Secondly, the piece comes with a movie meant to be projected above and behind the performers in order to immerse the audience in the total experience. Extensive notes are provided, and the package contains several different variations of the sound effect and voice-over elements in order to accommodate a reasonable range of performance scenarios.

For fans of the sci-fi classic movie genre, Science Fiction will remind you what you love about these films in the best possible way. For those who grew up without having been exposed to the genre, Dior's creation will hit you over the head until you've been completely assimilated by an alien life form. For the performers, the piece will surely provide one of their more memorable moments on stage.


we've warned you…

Science Fiction is provided as a full, bound folio and a CD-ROM containing printable parts, a recording, audio effects, and the video montage.

The movie below is included with the package and meant to be projected behind the performers on a large screen. Not mandatory, but definitely recommended!

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Science Fiction

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