Wiggle Room

Artikelnr: TSPCE20-002

Advanced Percussion Ensemble and Rhythm Section


by Rick Dior

9-10 Players

Instrumentation: Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone, 2 marimbas (2 low A), Electric piano (optional), Bass Guitar (or synth bass), Drums (horizontal kick drum, timbales, tom-toms (4), drumset, congas, bongos), Cymbals & gongs (hi-hat, ride cymbal, crash cymbal) and Accessories (one-shot shakers, cowbell, high pitched metals (2)). 

Rick Dior’s Wiggle Room is an homage to all of the great jazz fusion groups of the last five decades. This fast driving, funky composition draws its name form the main melodic motif which “wiggles” through several iterations getting longer with each repetition. True to jazz, there are ample solo opportunities for certain members of the ensemble. Although some of the solos are notated, the performers may feel free to improvise their own solos during the solo section and repeat the form several times if desired.

This piece comes as a professionally printed and bound score and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or for tablet viewing.

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Wiggle Room

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