Percussion Harmonie Vroomshoop (NL) is choosing Salyers

Percussion Harmonie Vroomshoop (NL) is choosing Salyers

With pride we announce that the percussion ensemble of  "De Harmonie" from Vroomshoop (NL) is the first European ensemble that has chosen for sticks from Salyers Percussion! After a comparative testing of different brands, organized by instructor Erik Zweers, the sticks from Salyers Percussion were preferred.


The snare drummers have chosen for the PCS1 concert snare drum stick. For the multi toms they have chosen for the MAT2 short tenor stick and the bass drummer is going to play with the MAB4 large bass drum stick. In addition to the new sticks, the band recently purchased a complete new set of percussion instruments. We would like to wish the band a lot of success with their new instruments and sticks.


Recently we started providing European distribution for Salyers Percussion. This American company led by Bruce Salyers has the opinion that, besides creating sticks and mallets, personal contact with customers is very important. They deliver an excellent collection of marching sticks, which are available from stock now.