Recruiting members difficult story? Put the musician first!

Recruiting members difficult story? Put the musician first!

I wrote this blog mainly for our Dutch customers, because he majority of the Dutch bands consists of community bands. Unfortunately music education is not a regular item on most Dutch schools and it's not common that a school has it’s own band, percussion ensemble or orchestra. So if kids want make music they have to follow private lessons at a music school or join a community band. The problem is that music education is less important for our current government. This is why music schools and bands are having a hard time at the moment. A lot of band, orchestras and percussion ensembles are struggling attracting new members at the moment.

In short I explained that’s it’s important to make use of some marketing techniques attracting new members for your band. In marketing it’s very common to put the customer always first. Bands should focus more on this. They should explain the benefits for new members (you are going to have the best time of your life with our band) instead of focussing on your own problems (my band is not complete, I need more members). New members are alway searching for "What's In It For Me". I explained that they should focus more on the following issues during a recruitment campaign.

  • The musician must recognize themselves in your way of working.
  • Try to eliminate prejudices and problems as much as possible.
  • If problems arise make sure you have a clear solution for every problem.
  • Make sure that what have to you offer is very clear and concrete.
  • Mention some rational and emotional benefits of making music in a band or ensemble. 
  • Prove that your band has knowledge of business and show that you know what you're talking about.
  • Let them know about your plans for the different kind of members.
  • Try to convince them that your plan is the best compared to other bands or ensembles. 
  • Reassure people that they are not taking any risk when they join your band.
  • Reward people when they make a quick decision.


Maybe this is useful when you are working on recruiting new members for your community band. Make sure that you are always thinking from the potential member’s point of view. Good luck!