Test Smith Mallets

Test Smith Mallets

Ever heard of Smith Mallets? This is in Europe still relatively unknown company is run by the American percussionist Robb Smith. During his college days, Robb began making mallets as a hobby and to cut down on expenses. After his friends and his colleagues began using his mallets, he started to professionalize the production. This led to the start of Smith Mallets.


We are proud that we are going to provide the European distribution for Smith Mallets from 2015. Smith Mallets stands for quality at a reasonable price and has a wide range of marimba mallets, vibraphone mallets, timpani sticks, xylophone and glockenspiel mallets.


Are you getting curious already? Here you can find more information about the different models we have in stock at the moment. Interested in becoming a Smith Mallets dealer? Please contact us for more information.