Children Of Sanchez

Children Of Sanchez

Item No.: 00262MB

This medium compact band publication is suitable for various types of bands, including: 
 Show & Marching Bands
 Concert Bands
 Fanfare Bands
 Pep Bands
All our compact band publications are playable with 6-8 (brass) players and 1 percussionist/drummer.

Arr.: E.B. v. Groningen Perc.: D.J. van Groningen Medium

Instrumentation: Full Band - 8 (brass) players

Chuck Mangione’s Children of Sanchez has been a showband-favourite for many years now. We now have an arrangement that is playable for almost every band. The brass-parts are intentionally not too high and the rhythmics are not too difficult, without losing the "Mangione-sound". A must!

With this compact band publication you will receive a landscape bound A4 score including a link wich you can download the below data:
 All parts in A5 (marching booklet) as pdf file
 Recording in mp3 format
 "Slow Down Audio" software
So different kind of bands can work with it we include the following single parts: 
 Parts for woodwinds and brass in as many transpositions as possible
 Marching percussion (snare, cymbals, different tom and bass drum) parts
 Melodic percussion (bells and xylophone) parts
 Concert percussion (drums and aux. percussion) parts

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