Echo Canyon

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Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble


by Mario Gaetano

8-12+ Players


1 - High Drums (snare drum, bongos, very high toms)
2 - Low Drums (low concert toms, not BD or timpani)
3 - Concert Bass Drum
4 - Suspended Cymbal & Sleigh Bells (or tambourine)
5 - Xylophone (substitute or double with marimba)
6 - Bells (susbtitute or double with vibraphone, piano or synth)
7 - Chimes (substitue or double with vibraphone, piano or synth)
8 - Tam-Tam & Brake Drum (or cowbell)

Echo Canyon was written specifically for The Ignite Series for the Developing Percussion. Like other pieces in the series, it features extremely flexible instrumentation that may be compressed or expanded as is appropriate by your individual program's needs.

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