I Ching

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Medium Difficult Concert Percussion Ensemble
12 Players
Dwayne Riced



Bells, Vibraphone 1, Vibraphone 2 + Suspended Cymbal, Xylophone + Crotales, Log Drum, Medium Bass Drum, Marimba 1 (4-octave), Marimba 2 (4.3-octave)
Marimba 3 (4.5-octave), Marimba 4 (5-octave) + Field Drum, Timpani (5 drums)

Percussion 1 (4 Toms, Low Woodblock, 2 Suspended Cymbals, Wind Chimes, Chimes)
Percussion 2 (4 Toms, 2 Staccato Metals, Slapstick, Anvil, Marching Machine, Splash Tree, 2 Suspended Cymbals, Crash, Sizzle, Wind Chimes)
Percussion 3 (Temple Blocks, 2 Bass Drums, 2 Tam-Tams, 2 Staccato Metals, Triangle, Wind Chimes, Suspended Cymbal)

Commissioned by Brian A. West and the TCU Percussion Orchestra, I Ching is a set of variations for large percussion ensemble based on concepts from the ancient Chinese book of wisdom by the same name.

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