Seaside Stroll

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Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble


by Kandis Taylor

7-14 Players

Instrumentation: Bells (may double or substitute Vibraphone), Xylophone (may double or substitute Marimba), Optional Marimba (may double or substitute Vibraphone), Timpani (3), Snare Drum (may double with Snare Drum - snares off), Bass Drum (may double with Low Concert Tom), Woodblock (may double or substitute Temple Blocks or Tambourine), Sandblocks (may double or substitute Shaker or Bell of Suspended Cymbal)

After a brief 8-bar battery percussion feature, Seaside Stroll settles into a simple, yet catchy, melody and accompaniment played by the keyboard percussion. This piece is designed to sound complex while remaining simple enough for the developing percussionist.

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