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Medium Difficult Concert Percussion Ensemble
4 players + solo
Gene Fambrough


by Gene Fambrough

4 players + solo

Instrumentation: Solo Snare Drum [Kevlar-headed Drum, Mylar-headed Drum (if available)],

Percussion 1:Temple Blocks, 5 Concert Toms, Sizzle Cymbal,Percussion 2: 2 Congas, Bongos, Tam-Tam, Brake Drum, Ribbon Crasher, Percussion 3: Djembe, Slapstick, Percussion 4: Concert Bass Drum

This piece for rudimental snare drum and percussion quartet portrays the unbridled energy and limitless strength of the horse Shadowfax (from "Lord of the Rings.") The enterprising listener will find many representations drawn from this imagery – the traditional “gallop” rhythm (in many rhythmic forms), whip cracks, horse hooves, and an ever-increasing heart rate leading to labored breathing during a brief moment of repose.

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