I’d love to help your band or ensemble forward with my creative concept which helps you learn our sheet music quickly and carefree.

"I really enjoy watching bands or ensembles make strides after getting started with one of my creative musical concepts. Whether you play in a concert band, marching band or percussion ensemble, there is always sheet music, educational material or a workshop we can help you with."

Dirkjan van Groningen | Creative Director 

Our concepts are being used by different kinds of European bands and ensembles because: 

➨ Everyone can play along

We provide a lot of different wind transpositions and percussion parts (especially with our compact band and flexible percussion series) because we think it is important that as many musicians as possible can play along and have fun with our sheet music. If a transposition or percussion part is missing, we will make sure that it’s ready for you as soon as possible for download in our online drive.

➨ You can get started right away

Because you can download all individual parts directly via our online drive, you can send the individual part and the recording to your members before the rehearsal. In this way, members can prepare the music at home, making rehearsals run more smoothly. You can spend more time making music together. Of course it is also useful to create a digital archive for your band or ensemble with the help of the downloadable parts. This way you always have enough spare parts within reach.

➨ You can study it quickly and easy

By using the included audio recording in combination with the slow down audio practice software, which has been developed especially for us, you can play the recording at a slower tempo. A handy tool to make practicing fun and gradually work towards the final tempo. Our slow down audio practice software (suitable for mac and windows) is free to use for all members and even includes a loop function. 

➨ The extra tools like:

  • Downloadable parts (pdf)
  • Complete recording (mp3)
  • Slow down practice software

make it easy to get started with new sheet music. Because these tools allow you to study music more quickly, you can start with new pieces more often, making rehearsals fun and varied.

To discover which concept is most suitable for your band or ensemble you will find an overview of our concepts below.  

Compact Band Series

A lot of bands are using the sheet music from our compact band series to make street performances fun for members and for the audience, by playing groovy pop songs instead of standard street marches. Thanks to the included drums and percussion parts, suitable for concert performances too. The compact instrumentation ensures that the pieces are playable for bands with 6-8 wind players and 2-3 (marching) percussionists. Also usable when your band and (marching) percussion group need to play together during a concert. 

Flexible Percussion Series

The sheet music from our flexible percussion series is played by European marching mallet groups with various instrumentations. Due to the extra parts for different concert percussion instruments, such as bass (marimba), vibraphone and drum set, the music also functions well during concert performances. The flexible instrumentation ensures that the pieces from this series can be played with 3 mallet players (bells, xylophone and marimba) and 2 - 3 (marching) percussionists. Useful if you perform concerts as well besides the street performances. 

Street Beat Series

Our street beats or cadences are played by marching groups who want to entertain their audience and distinguish themselves with groovy beats instead of standard drum marches. Due to the different multi tom and (tonal) bass drum parts the music is suitable for different instrumentations. In addition to the various marching percussion parts, our cadence packs also include optional (latin) percussion parts. Most cadences or street beats are playable with 3 (marching) percussionists.

On Stage Percussion Series

The sheet music from our on stage percussion series is written for percussion groups that mainly use concert percussion instruments. Besides the pieces for melodic ensemble this series also contains music for groups that use rhythmic instruments only. Besides the original compositions for percussion ensemble this series contains arrangements from classical masterpieces and famous pop songs, sometimes using a rhythm section and/or horn section.

Educational Series

Our educational series contains method and solo books for different percussion instruments. The play-alongs are included to prepare percussionists for listening and responding to other instruments in a fun way, so that they can quickly play along in a band or ensemble. We’d love to help you with books for snare drum, multi toms, bass drums, cymbals, drum set and mallets. From the most books in our educational series we have free downloadable e-books available, so you can try them out easily. 

What concept do you want to work with your band or ensemble?

Have you never worked with one of our concepts and would you like to try it out? Please let me know which concept you would like to try and I will send you a discount code you can use when purchasing sheet music from one of the above series.