On The Road Again

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On the road again... a drum corps cadence collection.

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Compiled by Paul Rennick

The best selling drum corps cadence collection returns with 7 more cadences plus a bonus!
On The Road Again includes seven cadences with two being classic Bridgemen and Spirit of Atlanta cadences as well as some right off the recent show fields. Plus this volume includes a special Spirit of Atlanta Bass Drum cadence that will bring a smile to the face of all 80's drum corps nuts!

This collection includes cadences played by:

  • Blue Knights (2000)
  • The Bridgemen (1978-'83)
  • Canton Bluecoats (2004)
  • Carolina Crown (2003-'04)
  • Madison Scouts (2002)
  • Magic of Orlando (2003)
  • Spirit of Atlanta (1987-'88) & (1981-'90)

Carnivalito - Bridgemen

Creatures - Blue Coats

Up With The Downfall - Carolina Crown

Magic 2003 - Magic Of Orlando

Beat Y2K - Blue Knights

Alildabbledooya - Madison Scouts

A-Troop - Spirit Of Atlanta

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On The Road Again

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