Recital Pieces For Snare Drum 1

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Recital Pieces for Snare Drum 1 contains 20 progessive recital pieces which can be used besides the Snare Drum Basics 1 method book. The pieces are ideal to teach percussionists for among others:
✔️ Drumlines
✔️ Percussion Ensembles
✔️ Wind Bands
✔️ Marching Bands
✔️ Show Bands
If you want to make sure the transition from private lessons to playing in an band or ensemble runs smooth, you need to get started with Recital Pieces for Snare Drum 1! 
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Dirkjan van Groningen

Recital Pieces for Snare Drum 1 is developed by Dirkjan van Groningen to use besides the etudes from the Snare Drum Basics 1 method book. Because of the play-along tracks percussionists are getting familiar with listening to and reacting on other percussion instruments right from the start. You can use the pieces from this book as teaching material (duets), as ensemble material for you first (junior) percussion ensemble or as recital material for solo competitions or exams.
With Recital Pieces for Snare Drum you receive a download-link for:
✔️ Play-Along tracks for all etudes
✔️ "Slow Down Audio" software to slow down the tracks

Tips en tricks about the uses techniques you will find via the:
✔️Snare Drum Basics YouTube channel
✔️The user group on Facebook

In order to be able to play the recital pieces from Recital Pieces 1 book it is important that you first learned the rhythmic figures and technical skills from the Snare Drum Basics 1 method book.


As a supplement on the excellent Snare Drum Basics Method Book, Dirkjan van Groningen now created a book with Recital Pieces. The 20 progressively written solos are corresponding with the exercises in the method book. The solos are unmistakable written in a “drumline style” as know from the famous drumcorps. Each page contains a solo which you can find on the enclosed CD. By using the balance knob you can turnoff the snare, if you like. Than you have the accompaniment from a percussion ensemble. In the book you can find modern snare drum effects like ‘stikclicks’ and ‘rimclicks’, as we see by heroes like Jeff Queen. Of course you will be practicing different time signatures. The accompaniment CD is a good metronome and gives the player the opportunity to create a real performance. With your family on the couch and the CD player on 10 you can create a fantastic show. Very good and educative!

Mark Eeftens - Slagwerkkrant (The Dutch Percussion Magazine)

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Recital Pieces For Snare Drum 1

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