Snare Drum Basics Method 1

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Snare Drum Basics is the percussion method that moves with the times and is ideal to teach percussionists for among others:
✔️ Drumlines
✔️ Percussion Ensembles
✔️ Wind Bands
✔️ Marching Bands
✔️ Show Bands

if you want to make sure the transition from private lessons to playing in a band or ensemble runs smooth, you need to get started with Snare Drum Basics! 


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Snare Drum Basics 1 is developed by Dirkjan van Groningen to familiarize percussionists with listen and react to other percussion instruments right from the start. 

At the Snare Drum Basics method books you receive a cd-rom with:
 Play-Along tracks for all etudes
 Groove tracks for the other exercises
 Slow Down Audio software to slow down tracks
Besides that your are receiving tips and tricks via the:
 Online video lessons via YouTube
 Facebook user group

Besides the method books we have books with recital pieces available, which you can use as teaching material (duets) or as material for your first (junior) percussion ensemble.

Snare Drum Basics 1 is available in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian en Polish. Above (underneath the price) you can choose what language you want to receive. 

Reviews (5)
Snare Drum Basics Method 1

(Scott Brown)

Dirkjan has used his experience developing solid percussionists to create an outstanding tool for the young percussionist. The pace and sequence of the book is perfect for developing necessary reading skils and rudiment techniques and the play-along cd is a fun way for students to build a solid sense of time. Make sure you check out the book of Recital Pieces which give students an opportunity to perform the skills learned in the Method book in a fun and educational setting. I give Snare Drum Basics my highest endorsement!

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Paul van der Heijden)
When I saw your book, I realised that this was the book I ever wanted to write myself. I am teaching for a couple of years know, but I always had to manage with the existing methods. There was always something; right left indications, counting, structure and always without accompaniment CD. But in your book is everything the way I like it! Thanks a lot for that. In the new season I'm going to use it for all new students.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Jeff Moore)
It is organized and structured well and presents the beginning rudimental snare drummer with all the techniques required for developing into more advanced playing. The play-along CD contains high quality accompaniment tracks that are fun to listen to and play with. I highly recommend this book to teachers and students alike.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Mike Stevens)
Dirkjan's new Snare Drum Basics method book is a great tool for the beginning percussionist. The layout is logical and easy to understand, and the accompanying CD will go a long ways towards helping students develop a sense of pulse, musicality, and ensemble playing. Well done! 
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Mark Eeftens)
If you are looking for a snare method, but the progression in the books of Siegfried Fink is to slow. This is the book you are looking for. Three pages with the most important music theory, and then at work. The book starts with quarter notes and eight note and has a quick - but not to fast - progression to sixteenth notes, rolls and flams in the most important time signatures. The play along CD with a complete percussion ensemble makes this book even better. Good for your timing and musicality. A lot of the pieces in the book you can play along immediately, besides these there a lot of other play along tracks on the CD in several styles and time signatures to use with the other exercises. I'm sure I'm going to use this book with my own  students. The method is suitable for kids from seven years old. I'm already curious for the second volume. 

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

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