SCV Battery Audition DVD

Item No.: TSPDVD-02

Nearly 3 hours of video lessons and printable technique and exercise packets for the SCV Drumline.


Murray Gusseck and Leo Sanchez

Tapspace is proud to offer this revolutionary audition DVD in conjunction with the Santa Clara Vanguard. Murray Gusseck (former SCV battery caption head) and Leo Sanchez (former cymbal instructor) collectively provide nearly 3 hours of video instruction in large, full resolution video. The videos cover topics such as technique, sound production, timing, tips on auditioning, practicing, and more!

BATTERY DRUMS (over 2 hours) Watch and learn as Murray demonstrates the core principles of his unique technique program while at SCV that apply to the snare, tenor, and bass sections. These demonstrations are done mainly on the snare drum but apply in large part to all three drum sections of the battery. He also supplies tips on auditioning, practicing, and the gear that SCV used.

CYMBALS (approx. 30 minutes) Leo Sanchez demonstrates the basic crash techniques and common sounds used by SCV's world famous cymbal line. Crashes such as the Flat crash, Port crash, Orchestral crash, and crash chokes are outlined, as well as sounds like sizzles, zings, dings, taps, crunches, and more. Leo also discusses cymbal line requirements.

The DVD also comes with 4 printable PDF packets (one each for the snare, tenor, bass, and cymbal sections) that contain exercises, musical examples, and further instruction.

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SCV Battery Audition DVD

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