Music Publisher


Our Music Publishing departement is specialized in the publication of popular music for: Show & Marching Bands (drumfanfares), Marching Percussion Ensembles (drumbands), Marching Mallet Ensembles (malletbands), Concert Bands (harmonie/fanfare) and Concert Percussion Ensembles


The most of our publications are provided with a printed score. This score includes a cd-rom with all single parts (in the most common transpositions) in .pdf format and a recording of the publication in .mp3 format. In this way you only have to print the parts and transpostions you need for your ensemble and there are always sufficient reserve parts present. Besides the above publications we can also help you with music for Big Bands and Jazz Ensembles.


Currently we are developping a new basic percussion method. At this moment the following boos are available in this series. Mallet Basics, Snare Drum Basics Method, Recital Pieces for Snare Drum, Mallet Basics,Recital Pieces for Mallets and Recital Pieces for Multi Toms.


If you are interested in having your own educational material, compositions or arrangements published by Show & Marching Music, you are invited to submit your material (preferably accompanied by sound fragments) for assessment.


Adapt Music? No Problem!


Arrangements or compositions can be adjusted as much as possible to the specific situation of your group. This applies to all of our music. For example, a trumpet part can be changed into a flute part, or a trombone part altered to make it suitable for a baritone, a two-tonal bass drum part made out of a four-tonal bass drum part, or a trio part out of a quint part. Please inquire about options available. With our own publications most transpositions and different kind of percussion parts are supplied.


"Custom-Made" Music


Show & Marching Music can provide Custom-Made Arrangements for every kind of band or ensemble. Our professional arrangers can adjust music specifica lly to your group, level and the wishes of your band or ensemble.


Show Design


In addition to writing music, you can now also have our partner Artdevelopment.nl create your Show Design or choreography. From a street show to the concept for a full field show; anything is possible!


Music Processing


It is possible to transcribe music you have written (by hand) into professional scores and/or individual parts. We use the leading music processing software Finale for this purpose. The scores or parts can be delivered in any desired format.

The music processing department also provides our Transposing Service, where each score, part or piece can be transposed in any way you desire.


Foreign Music Publishers


In addition to publishing our own music, we are also dealers of music from various Foreign Music Publishers, including: Arrangers Publishing Company, Hal Leonard, Alfred and Marchingmusic.de. In addition to the Marching Band music by these publishers, we can certainly also assist you in acquiring other publications from our foreign colleagues.


Percussion Books


We have set up a special website for our Percussion Books. It can be found at www.percussionbooks.com. You will find the most complete collection of percussion books available online! If you are unable to find a specific book on our website, please get in touch with us because anything can be ordered!


Music Distribution


We provide European Distribution for a number of US publishing houses. These include: Row-loff Productions, Tap Space Publications, Mark Wessels Publications and The Dev Music Company. Within Europe, products from these companies can be attained exclusively through us, and are generally available from stock. If you are a dealer interested in including the products of one of the above companies in your product line, please contact us. You can also have Show & Marching Music distribute products from your company.


Workshops and Clinics


Show & Marching Music also provides the option of organizing Workshops & Clinics. In addition to the workshop days that we organize, we can also organize a workshop or clinic specifically for your band or ensemble, or focused on a particular group of instruments. More about our clinics and workshops you will find here.


Demo Teams


Our Demo Teams can be booked for short demonstration performances, but they also have a program that is suitable for drum festivals, (company) parties or for a performance during your band's annual show. In addition, you can organize a workshop or clinic in cooperation with one of our Demo Teams.


Audio Productions


Show & Marching Music can provide a full Audio or CD Production for you. We produce CDs for percussion ensembles, marching bands, choirs, combos, concert bands and other ensembles on a regular basis.


Music Software


We are the dealer for Make Music, which means that all of the products by this leading music software developer can be purchased from us. Make Music is the manufacturer of Finale and Print Music, among others. Additional information about this software can be found here.


Contact Information


Would you like more information about any of the subjects above, or is there something you cannot find on our website, please feel free to get in touch with us at anytime without commitment. You will find our address information here.