Bakken Overture

Item No.: TSPCE23-010

Medium for Four or More Percussionists

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by Brian Nozny

4+ players


The instrumentation for this piece is very flexible. The bold instrumentation is how it’s listed in the score, and it is followed by instrumentation suggestions for the discretion of the director. Creativity is encouraged!

Auxiliary (i.e., tambourine, cowbell)

High Drum (i.e. snare drum, bongo)

2 medium drums (i.e. congas, toms) + suspended cymbal

Low drum (i.e., mounted kick drum, concert bass drum, surdo)

Written for entry-level percussionists, Bakken Overture by Brian Nozny is an energetic and groovy percussion quartet for commonly found drums and auxiliary percussion instruments. The piece boasts relatively simple parts that allow a variety of skill levels to participate in a percussion ensemble setting. The piece's part assignments are flexible in that the director can choose instruments that are on hand or accessible within the guidelines of the intended instrumentation. Additionally, the piece can be expanded to eight players (or more) by doubling each part. Bakken Overture is an excellent teaching tool for educators to give students a fulfilling introduction to percussion ensemble.

Bakken Overture ships as a printed, professionally bound score and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or tablet viewing.

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Bakken Overture

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