Battle Royale

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Easy/Medium Concert Percussion Ensemble

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Angela Kepley

3+ Players

Instrumentation: Referee (Medium Tom), Team 1 (High Toms), Team 2 (Low Toms).

The “referee” monitors the Battle Royale between two teams. This piece requires each team to work together to create a monstrous sound and battle out their rhythms. Each side has contrasting rhythmic patterns as they challenge the other for dominance. The referee must occasionally interject until they all join in unison for a final push to the finish. Which team wins? You decide!

The IGNITE Series for the Developing Percussion Ensemble
This unique series was designed specifically for young percussionists as they experience the magic of playing in a percussion ensemble. Each piece provides the director and students with great flexibility – from the number of players to the tempo to the instrumentation.
Light a fire under your students today!

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Battle Royale

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