Bump in the Night

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Medium Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble
7-11 players
Josh Gottry

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by Josh Gottry

7-11 players

Instrumentation: Guiro & Triangle, Cowbell & Woodblock, Bongos, Conga & Tambourine, Snare Drum, 2 Concert Toms, Bass Drum & Ride Cymbal

Doing less with more, Bump in the Night utilizes common non-pitched percussion instruments, including drums and percussion accessories, in ensemble for 7-11 players that is derived entirely from only three unique measures of music per part. Explore not so common meters (5/4 and 7/8), creative orchestration, and a wide variety of ensemble textures, layers, and dialogs in this engaging and pedagogical work for younger percussion ensembles.

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Bump in the Night

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