Chopsticks (Band Version)

Item No.: TSPCB18-003

For Concert Band and Xylophone Soloist

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by Ralph Hicks

Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet 1 in B-flat, Clarinet 2-3 in B-flat, Bass clarinet in B-flat, Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Baritone saxophone, Trumpet 1 in B-flat, Trumpet 2 in B-flat, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba

Percussion: (7 players + soloist)Solo xylophone, Glockenspiel +marimba (shared), Snare drum and Bass drum (2 players) +hi-hat, Crash cymbals +marimba (shared), Castanets + marimba (shared), woodblock (low), tam-tam, Tambourine +woodblock, maracas, castanets (shared), triangle, 4 Timpani

Ralph Hicks’ clever and entertaining arrangement of Charles Owen’s classic theme and variations is now available for a full concert band! This version preserves the myriad of musical styles presented in Owens' original, the waltz, rhumba, tango, lento, allegro, galop, and presto, while expanding the accompaniment to a full wind ensemble. Just like Ralph Hicks' percussion ensemble arrangement, the option to play or omit the written cadenza is still available to the soloist. This is a great opportunity to showcase the talent of a percussion program and makes for an interesting and entertaining concert program!

The concert band version of Chopsticks comes as a full, bound score and includes a CD-ROM containing individual parts and an audio recording. 

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Chopsticks (Band Version)

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