Drums of Moria

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Medium Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble

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by Nathan Daughtrey

5-9+ Players


Bells [optional] (may double or substitute Vibraphone)
Xylophone 1 [shared] (may double or substitute Marimba)
Xylophone 2 [shared] (may double or substitute Marimba)
Medium Drum [right]
Low Drum [left]
Bass Drum [center]
2 High Drums [optional]
Auxiliary Percussion 1 [optional] (Suspended or Crash Cymbal)
Auxiliary Percussion 2 [optional] (Tambourine)

Originally for two toms found in Daughtrey's collection of duets for young percussionists, DUOLOGY, Drums of Moria has been expanded for full percussion ensemble for C. Alan's IGNITE SERIES. Inspired by the barbaric drums described in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings," the piece uses two toms, bass drum, and two players on one xylophone in a variety of ways to evoke a range of dark images and moods.

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Drums of Moria

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