Echo Funk

Item No.: TSPCE15-010

Medium/Advanced Percussion Ensemble

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by Jonatan Ovalle

9 players

Instrumentation: Drumset (kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom, hi-hat, ride cymbal, crash cymbal), Drums (bongos, congas, timables, 8 concert toms, 2 snare drums, firecracker snare drum, concert bass drum, kick drum on stand, resonant floor tom), Cymbals (2 China cymbals), Accessories (4 woodblocks, 2 brake drums, 2 cookie tins, coffee can, large cowbell, 2 opera gongs, 2 resonant metals, 2 semi-resonant metals, 2 trashy metals)

What happens when you mix two parts First Construction in Metal (Cage), three parts Bonham (Rouse), a dash of industrial spice, and a heaping dose of Vinnie Colaiuta-style groove? You get Jonathan Ovalle’s raucous and exciting new work Echo Funk

Using a creative array of mostly drums and metal instruments (often found objects), the piece features a drumset soloist backed by eight multipercussionists. Throughout the work, various “echo” motifs are used as a defining element while producing varying degrees of polyrhythmic tension and conversational activity between the drumset soloist and the eight percussionists.

This piece will blow the doors off your next percussion ensemble concert!

Echo Funk is provided as a professionally bound folio and ships with a CD-ROM containing individual parts and an audio reference recording.

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Echo Funk

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