Eine Kleine Soca Musik

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Medium Concert Percussion Ensemble

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Chris Carmean

9-13 Players

Instrumentation:Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone (opt.), Marimba 1 (opt.), Marimba 2 (4.3-octave), Shaker/Tambourine, Brake Drum/Triangle, Cowbell/2 Woodblocks, Congas/Mark Tree, Drumset, Hi-Hat/Cymbals (opt.), Snare Drum/2 Toms (opt.), Bass Drum (opt.), Bass Guitar (opt.)

Eine Kleine Soca Musik is a Trinidad twist on Mozart's classic Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. With an apparent inability to decide whether to be a soca or classical percussion ensemble, Eine Kleine Soca Musik is sure to entertain your audience, make them get up and dance, and then be embarrassed when the music suddenly changes!

The EDGE Series
The EDGE Series is a collection of percussion ensembles featuring many popular musical styles – from funk to calypso to techno. It was developed to excite a wider range of ensembles, directors, and audiences while retaining the level of integrity you have grown to expect from C. Alan Publications.

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Eine Kleine Soca Musik

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