Escape Velocity

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Medium/Difficult Concert Percussion Ensemble

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Dave Hall

4 Players

Vibraphone (Snare Drum, Alien Disc, Hi-Hat)
Marimba 1 (4.5-octave, Splash Cymbal, Ribbon Crasher, 2-oct Bowed Crotales)
Marimba 2 (5-octave, Splash Cymbal, Opera Gong) Percussion (Sizzle Cymbal, China Cymbal, Spiral Cym
bal, Bass Drum, Djembe, Rain Stick)

This quartet features three keyboards and a djembe part, although each player plays several other percussion instruments, often simultaneously with their primary part. This piece is influenced by the music of Béla Bartók as well as “drum ‘n’ bass” artists like Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin.

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Escape Velocity

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