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Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion Ensemble

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Nathan Daughtrey

12 Players

Instrumentation: Percussion 1 (Bells, Crotales, Shekere), Percussion 2 (Xylophone, Bells), Percussion 3 (Chimes, Xylophone), Percussion 4 (Vibraphone, 3 Piccolo Woodblocks), Percussion 5 (Vibraphone, Temple Blocks), Percussion 6 (4-octave Marimba, Small Suspended Cymbal), Percussion 7 (4-octave Marimba, Medium Suspended Cymbal), Percussion 8 (4.5-octave Marimba, Sizzle Ride Cymbal), Percussion 9 (5-octave Marimba, Large China Cymbal)
Percussion 10 (4-5 Timpani, Slapstick, Mark Tree, Suspended Cymbal), Percussion 11 (Bell Tree, Log Drum [4 pitches], 3 Brake Drums, Gliss Gong), Percussion 12 (Concert Bass Drum, Tam-Tam, Optional Taiko Drum).

Commissioned by the TCU Percussion Orchestra as the opener for their 2015 PASIC Showcase Concert, Firefly is a dramatic work that centers on the belief that the two species of fireflies in Japan – Genji-hotaru and Heike-hotaru – are the ghosts of fallen warriors from the terrible struggle between two clans in the 12th century.

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