High Rise

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Advanced Percussion Ensemble

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by John Paul Chapman

8 players

Instrumentation: 2 glockenspiels, Chimes, 2 xylophones, Vibraphone, 2 marimbas—(1) 4-octave, (1) low A, 4 timpani (split amongst players 1, 2, 3, & 4), Drums (hight tom, medium tom, low tom, bass drum), Cymbals & gongs (splash cymbal, hi-hat, 3 ride cymbals, 2 suspended cymbals, sizzle cymbal, China cymbal, tam tam), Accessories (wine glass, drinking glass, small glass dish*, large glass dish*, tall bottle, 2 metal plates, triangle, 2 pairs of claves, high woodblock, low woodblock, temple blocks, flexatone, vibraslap, wooden guiro, brake drum, large cowbell, maracas, log drum (two pitches))

*(e.g.,a small or large casserole dish, carafe, or a resonant dinner plate)

Written to depict the construction of a skyscraper, this piece uses elements of blues, jazz, & contemporary classical music to invoke an urban imagery. In addition to standard percussion instruments like marimba, timpani, toms, & vibraphone, this piece includes a host of “found” percussion instruments like glass plates, metal pipes, wine glasses, and brake drums.

Each performer in this advanced 8-player ensemble has a multipercussion setup comprised of a pitched mallet instrument along with a variety of non-pitched percussion instruments. High Rise is a whirlwind of a piece, guaranteed to engage performers as well as listeners.

This piece ships as a professionally bound folio with full-color cover, and individual parts on CD-ROM.

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High Rise

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