Images of Water

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Medium Difficult Concert Percussion Ensemble

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by Doug RosenerTim Forline

11 Players

Instrumentation: Bells/Xylophone, Vibraphone 1, Vibraphone 2, Marimba 1 (5-octave), Marimba 2 (5-octave), Marimba 3 (5-octave), Rain Stick, Marimba 4 (5-octave), Rain Stick, Timpani (4)

Percussion 1 (Large/Small Triangles, Tambourine, Finger Cymbals, 2 Medium Toms, Low [floor] Tom, Bongos, Suspended Cymbal, China Cymbal, Large/Small Tam-Tams [shared w/ Perc. 3)

Percussion 2 (High/Low Suspended Cymbals, Woodblock, Sleigh Bells, 4 Toms, Splash Cymbal, China Cymbal, Bass Drum [shared w/ Perc. 3]

Percussion 3 (Crotales [2-octaves], Large/Small Tam-Tams [shared w/ Perc. 1], Maracas, Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal, China Cymbal, Conga [or Tumba], Bass Drum [shared w/ Perc/ 2)

Images of Water is a through-composed, programmatic work in three movements for large percussion ensemble. This challenging composition combines melody, harmony, rhythm, and texture to aurally describe the essence of different bodies of water – lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

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Images of Water

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