Imminent Launch

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Medium Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble

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by Matt Moore

5-6+ Players


Bells & Xylophone
Marimba 1* (optional) [4-octave]
Marimba 2* [4-octave]
Timpani [3 drums]
Percussion: Snare Drum, Crash Cymbal, Hi-Hat

*Marimba & 2 can be played on one 4-octave instrument. Like all pieces in the Ignite Series, the instrumentation is flexible for some or all of the parts. You may perform with as few as 5 players or with as many as you have in your percussion ensemble by doubling parts.

Imminent Launch is a fun and accessible piece for developing percussion ensemble. Its cinematic action paired with constant groove will hit all the right buttons for students and audience.

The IGNITE Series for the Developing Percussion Ensemble
This unique series was designed specifically for young percussionists as they experience the magic of playing in a percussion ensemble. Each piece provides the director and students with great flexibility – from the number of players to the tempo to the instrumentation.
Light a fire under your students today!

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Imminent Launch

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