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Advanced Trio for Percussion, Two Pianos and Video

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by Adam Bruce

3-5 players


3 snare drums (piccolo, standard, field/deep shell)

3 concert bass drums (or 1 shared drum)

Two pianos*

Projection system (for optional video accompaniment)

*optional; may use provided audio accompaniment in place of live piano part(s)

Murmurations by Adam Bruce is an illustrative percussion trio mimicking the flocking patterns of starlings through a variety on sonic palettes, including the mix of three snare drum sizes and tunings, a shared concert bass drum, and various percussive implements. The snare and bass drums often feature rhythmic and dynamic figures that are offset by very small amounts of time, offering the illusion of an ever-changing swarm of birds. Throughout the work the performers are required to transcend traditional hurdles of chops and dexterity with the added responsibilities of advanced musical shaping and coordination.

In the middle of the piece, the percussionists are provided the opportunity to freely interpret what they are viewing during the video playback. This is an excellent chance to provide audience members and performers with an immersive and spontaneous musical experience.

Murmurations can be performed with the addition of two live pianos performers or with the included piano accompaniment track. Three versions are available: 1) Both pianos mixed, 2) Piano 1 only, and 3) Piano 2 only. Each accompaniment track also includes a click track for all performers.

Murmurations ships as a printed, professionally bound score and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or tablet viewing.

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