Repair in Progress

Item No.: TSPCE22-008

Medium-Advanced Concert Percussion

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by Kyle H. Peters

6 players


  • Drums — bongos (2 pair), 2 congas (high/low), 5 concert toms (low to high), concert bass drum
  • Cymbals & gongs  2 suspended cymbals, hi-hat, ride cymbal
  • Accessories — 2 woodblocks (high/low), 2 brake drums (high/low), 2 tambourines (1 mounted/1 held)

Repair in Progress, a work for percussion ensemble by Kyle H. Peters, was inspired by the natural rhythmic nature of a construction site. Peters writes: “I lived across from one for a year, and each morning I would hear different rhythms from the hammers, heavy machinery, and drilling. In combination, these tools created unique and rhythmic textures.”

The piece explores these industrial textures through a less-than-subtle unpitched instrumentation, consisting of brake drums, toms, cymbals, woodblocks, and more. Each player takes on musical responsibility as fragmented solo moments weave between dense bursts of ensemble energy. This is an intense, impressive concert opener or contest piece for the intermediate-advanced percussion ensemble!

Repair in Progress ships as a printed, professionally bound score, and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or tablet viewing.

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Repair in Progress

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