Selva Luminosa

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Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion Ensemble

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Francisco Perez

4 Players

Instrumentation: Vibraphone 1, Vibraphone 2, Marimba 1 (4.5-octave), Marimba 2 (5-octave).

Featuring a variety of sound colors and a quasi-minimalist texture, Selva Luminosa is an intriguing work suitable for inclusion on a college or professional percussion recital.

Selva Luminosa – or “luminous jungle” – is my first work for mallet quartet in which I sought out to feature an earthy, almost tribal sound palette in the marimbas against the shimmering and brilliant sound of the vibraphone. Much of the language throughout stems from my daily exposure to a slew of Latin American genres such as merengue, cumbia, and salsa from an early age, as well as my admiration for the music of Michel Camilo.

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Selva Luminosa

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