Soca Polka

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A soul calypso adaptation of Chromatic Polka - Medium

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by Louis Köhler, arr. Brian Slawson

3-14+ players


Required instruments 1 xylophone, 1 marimba (shared) (low A, or low F)*

Optional instruments 1 glockenspiel, temple blocks, bongos, chimes, 3 timpani, 2 toms + kick drum, snare drum, bass drum, crash cymbals, maracas, 2 cowbells

The combination of soul music mixed with calypso brought forth a style of dance music from Trinidad and Tobago known as ’’soca.’’ In Brian Slawson’s arrangment of Louis Köhler’s Chromatic Polka, there are two musical styles at play: 1.) the rhythms and instruments of soca music and 2.) the melodies and harmonies of German polka music. Put these two together and you’ve got Soca Polka

This arrangement can be performed with as little as 3 percussionists or as many as 14 percussionists, making it extremely adaptable to suit almost any ensemble’s needs. 

Soca Polka comes as a full, bound score and includes a CD-ROM containing individual parts for printing as well as a full audio recording. 

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Soca Polka

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