Sound Off!

Item No.: TSPCE19-018

For Standard Percussion or Orff Ensemble - Easy

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by Chris Roode

7+ players


Standard Mallet Instruments version: Glockenspiel, 3 standard mallet instruments, Snare drum*, Pair of crash cymbals*, Concert bass drum*

Orff Mallet Instruments version: Glockenspiel, Soprano mallet instrument, Alto mallet instrument, Bass mallet instrument, Snare drum*, Pair of crash cymbals*, Concert bass drum*

*If desired, one talented student may perform all three percussion parts on a standard drum kit using their hands on the snare drum and their feet on the kick drum and hi-hat.

Sound Off! by Chris Roode is comprised of three short movements for percussion ensemble, each written in a militaristic style. The three movements are entitled Attention!, Sound Off!, and Salute! and each have their own unique musical qualities. In true militaristic form, performers are asked to shout vocal commands throughout the movements, making this an engaging piece for the performers and audience. To make the piece more accessible to more ensembles, the mallet percussion parts can be performed on Orff mallet instruments or on standard mallet percussion instruments.

Sound Off! comes as a full, bound score and includes a CD-ROM containing individual parts for printing as well as a full audio recording. 

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Sound Off!

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