Spiraling Light

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Medium Concert Percussion Ensemble

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Nathan Daughtrey

8 Players

Instrumentation: Percussion 1 (xylophone, bells), Percussion 2 (vibraphone), Percussion 3 (4-octave marimba)*, Percussion 4 (4.3-octave marimba)*
Percussion 5 (4 timpani), Percussion 6 (snare drum, 4 toms, triangle, wind chimes), Percussion 7 (kick bass laid flat [or multi-bass drum], concert bass drum), Percussion 8 (tam-tam, suspended cymbal, hi-hat, claves).

*Percussion 3 & 4 may share one 4.3-octave marimba.

Spiraling Light is a dark, driving percussion octet inspired by an event in Norway when a blue mysterious beam of light with a grayish spiral emanating from it appeared in the night sky. The piece features a balanced ensemble of 4 keyboard and 4 battery accessory percussion.

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Spiraling Light

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