Stained Glass

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Difficult Concert Percussion Ensemble

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by David R. Gillingham

11 Players + Piano


Percussion 1 (bells, xylophone)
Percussion 2 (crotales [upper octave], bells)
Percussion 3 (chimes, brake drum)
Percussion 4 (4-octave marimba)
Percussion 5 (4-octave marimba)
Percussion 6 (5-octave marimba)
Percussion 7 (3-octave vibraphone, suspended cymbal, 2 crystal glasses)
Percussion 8 (3-octave vibraphone, suspended cymbal, crash cymbals, 2 crystal glasses)
Percussion 9 (bass drum, large tam-tam, temple blocks)
Percussion 10 (4 low concert toms, 5 roto-toms, F# crotale, triangle)
Percussion 11 (5 timpani)

Stained Glass is an absolute classic for percussion that has become a staple in the repertoire. Cast in three continuous movements – Foyers, Cathedrals and Suncatchers – the piece was inspired by the beauty and color of stained glass and the various places you might find it. The publication received a makeover in the summer of 2010 with newly formatted parts, complete with proper page turns and cues.

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Stained Glass

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