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Intermediate Concert Percussion Ensemble

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by Chris Carmean

10-11 Players


Glockenspiel + High Tom
Vibraphone 1 + High Tom
Vibraphone 2 + Suspended Cymbal, Medium High Tom
Marimba 1 [4.3-octave] + Suspended Cymbal, Medium High Tom
Marimba 2 [5-octave] + Medium Low Tom
Timpani [5 drums]
Drum Set

Percussion 1: Crotales, Cabasa, Jam Block, Medium Low Tom

Percussion 2: Mark Tree, Temple Blocks, Brake Drum, Cowbell, Suspended Cymbal, Tam-Tam, Low Tom

Percussion 3: Mounted Tambourine + Triangle, Vibraslap, Rock Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal, Low Tom

Bass Guitar [optional]

TBD is a rock piece for percussion ensemble that suffers from an indeterminate title. It began in 2018 as a work for large percussion ensemble, but with a much different vision. I began with a concept and developed the bones of the piece, but lacked a clear path forward to realize the concept successfully. With no solution and time running short, I redirected my attention to more pressing projects, and this one was shelved to be completed later. Fast forward to the fall of 2020 . . . I programmed a piece for our percussion ensemble that wasn't well received by the students. I hoped they would come around, but it just wasn't working. I searched for a replacement piece to fit that particular group of students in the time we had available, but came up empty handed. I remembered this piece waiting to be finished, so I hurriedly set about completing it. I left behind the original concept in order to move forward, but that meant there was no title. Meanwhile, I didn't know what we would play, so I listed “TBD” on the rehearsal schedule since the replacement piece was "to be determined." When I handed out parts for the first read, I titled it “TBD”" since that's what was on the rehearsal schedule!

"TBD" features parts with a wide range of difficulty, including both 2- and 4-mallet parts. If you have 10 players available for a piece, "TBD" allows the flexibility to find the right part for each player. "TBD" can be conducted, but playing without a conductor is preferred and more fitting for the style. What rock band has a conductor?!?

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