Tenebrous Paradigm

Item No.: TSPCE22-020

Medium-Advanced Concert Percussion

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by Darrien Spicak

14 players

Instrumentation: 7 crotales (2 octave range), Marimba—low C, Ocean drum (optional)

Enter the dark and mysterious musical landscape of Tenebrous Paradigm by Darrien Spicak. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of horror film soundtracks and the music of Studio Ghibli by Joe Hisaishi, Spicak creates a diverse musical world that is equally foreboding, intricate, and vigorous. Tenebrous Paradigm juxtaposes sections of minimalist compositional techniques and complex, marching battery influenced percussive sections.

Tenebrous Paradigm is a Med-Advanced percussion orchestra requiring 14 performers and a wide range of instrument. Spicak has crafted a profound piece that will engage audiences and challenge performers' technical and artistic abilities.

Tenebrous Paradigm ships as a printed, professionally bound score, and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or tablet viewing.

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Tenebrous Paradigm

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