Thunder on the Bay

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Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble
6 players
Scott Harding 

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by Scott Harding 

6 players

Instrumentation: Leader (bass drum), Percussion 1 (“shaker”-type instruments: maracas, rattles, cabasas), Percussion 2 (“metal clank”-type instruments: brake drums, cowbells, anvils), Percussion 3 (“wood click”-type instruments: claves, sticks, castanets), Percussion 4 (“high" drums played with hands: bongos, high congas), Percussion 5 (“low” drums played with sticks: tom-toms, low congas)

You need at least 6 players to perform this piece, but this can be expanded to as many as you might want. You have a lot of freedom when performing the piece with repeated sections and instrument substitutions. Effective piece for any level – playable by a middle school ensemble!

The IGNITE Series for the Developing Percussion Ensemble
This unique series was designed specifically for young percussionists as they experience the magic of playing in a percussion ensemble. Each piece provides the director and students with great flexibility – from the number of players to the tempo to the instrumentation.
Light a fire under your students today!

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Thunder on the Bay

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