Tom's Tool Shed

Item No.: TSPCE15-016

Easy Percussion Ensemble

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by Chris Roode

5+ players

Instrumentation: 2 jars (e.g. 1 mason jar and 1 baby food jar), Triangle, 4 concert toms, 2 steel pipes, Woodblock

Note: All parts except the concert toms may be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled to accommodate extra players.

What happens in a tool shed? Tinkering, fixing, clanking, and clunking. What makes the tool shed Tom’s? Tom toms, of course! Tom’s Tool Shed is an educational composition intended to teach the application of simple rhythmic combinations to beginners while learning to perform on nontraditional instruments.

And speaking of tinkering, clanking, and clunking, Chris Roode’s expandable percussion quintet for beginners has a lot of it - all around the centerpiece of four concert toms. A tribute to any do-it-yourselfer, the musicians pass around theme ideas between nontraditional instruments such as metal pipes, glass jars, and unmounted triangles. While only five players are required, this piece is intended to allow for most parts to be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled to accommodate extra players!

Tom’s Tool Shed is provided as a professionally bound folio and ships with a CD-ROM containing individual parts and an audio reference recording.

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Tom's Tool Shed

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