Until Morning Sings

Item No.: TSPCE-91

Advanced Concert Percussion

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by David Reeves

9 players

Instrumentation: Crotales (2 octaves), Glockenspiel, Chimes, Xylophone, 2 vibraphones, 2 marimbas—low C, Drums (timbales*, congas, bongos), Drumset (5-piece kit with sizzle cymbal, splash cymbal, crash cymbal, hi-hat, and ride cymbal), Cymbals (large suspended cymbal), Accessories (woodblock, vibraslap, windchimes, small triangle, guiro, bongo bell, claves), Double bass (and/or bass guitar)

This three-movement work for percussion ensemble and rhythm section will challenge its players, but all will be satisfied by the musical result. The atmospheric opening of the first movement, “Begin the Night,” expands like the night sky to showcase all manner of rhythms and timbres before settling into a groove. Like the best conversations, “Quiet Conversations” is a study in balancing the lead and counterlines. The closing movement, “Until Morning Sings the Night to Sleep,” is a salsa that will have everyone up and dancing until long after sunset.

Until Morning Sings comes as a full, bound score and includes a CD-ROM containing individual parts and a recording.

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Until Morning Sings

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