Whatcha Baion?

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Medium Easy Concert Percussion Ensemble

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by Josh Gottry

11-13 Players


Bells (may double or substitute with Vibraphone)
Chimes (optional)
Xylophone/Marimba 1 [4-octave]**
Marimba 2 [4-octave](optional)**
Timpani [3 drums]
Agogo Bells (optional)
Bongos (optional)(may double or substitute Congas or High Toms)
Floor Tom
Hi-Hat (may double or substitute Cabasa)
Wood Block (may double or substitute Claves)
Snare Drum
Bass Drum

* Like all pieces in the Ignite Series, the instrumentation is flexible for some or all parts. You may perform with as few as 9 players or with as many as you have in your percussion ensemble by doubling parts.

** Marimba 1 & 2 may be played on one 4-octave instrument.

Whatcha Baion? is designed to be a flexible composition for early percussion programs or schools that desire to introduce students to percussion ensemble. It opens with a 2/3 clave, systematically layers additional percussion voices on top, and establishes an audience-friendly groove before jumping into a tuneful keyboard melody in the traditional baion style from Northeastern Brazil. Following a brief percussion break and an abbreviated layering of the groove, the tune returns and leads into an impactful ensemble ending. The piece can be performed with a range of players and uses instruments commonly found in a school band room.

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Whatcha Baion?

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