Forward March! - Volume 2

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Quick & Easy Cadences in a Variety of Flavors

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by Jim Casella & Murray Gusseck

When it comes to groovy drumline jams, Murray Gusseck and Jim Casella know a thing or two. Now, you don’t have to play for a world-class drum corps to play their tasty beats. Forward March! is a collection of 6 easy-to-medium drumline cadences designed to make younger groups sound like pros and give seasoned groups unique grooves that can be thrown together in no time!

Each cadence includes a range of tempos, infinitely loopable grooves, and optional auxiliary percussion parts. Also included are suggested short vamps that allow you to use groove highlights when you need something quick and energetic in the stands for a timeout or at a pep rally.

The following cadences are included in Forward March! - Volume 2:

•McSalsa (8 bars)
•Git Up Offa Dat (12 bars)
•Rockadiddle (12 bars)
•Sausage Biscuit (16 bars)
•Chum Bum Skank (20 bars)
•Lil’ Petunia (24 bars)

Cadences are scored for standard marching percussion battery: Snares, tenors (quad and quint parts), basses (2, 3, 4, or 5-drum options), cymbals, and optional auxiliary percussion.

When you’re strapped for time and need to get the energy pumping and the band down the street, march forward with Forward March!

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Forward March! - Volume 2

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